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April 18

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation & Support

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Samstag, 26.05.2018
von 20:00 bis 01:00 Uhr
     Kopf und Kragen
Ottostr. 27, Hinterhof EG, 90762 Fürth
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Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation
Urban Ska & Dirty Reggae

German band Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation bring together early reggae, rocksteady & ska to create a sort of modern urban 2-tone sound. The arrangements are unique, the music is tight, the
vocals are distinct and overall the vibes are 100% top ranking! [Leo from]
Its the true passion for music, the deep understanding of the roots and the strong impact of the scene that forms the sound of JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION.
When JOHNNY SKA and CHRISSY REGGAE started the band, they had in mind to bring out the soul of Jamaican music, combine it with distinct songwriting, and work on the sound till something special evolves. The song is the ruler,the vocals the conqueror
With ROLO TENG on bass JOHNNY SKA and CHRISSY REGGAE found a partner in crime fitting in perfectly. Coming from different backgrounds the trio is driven by the unconditional will to succeed in music and the urge to perform.
Music by the fans for the fans. JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION, in love with ska and early reggae, having surfed every wave in ska music as fans in front of stages
populated by their all time heroes like DERRICK MORGAN and ROY ELLIS, THE SPECIALS and THE SELECTER, THE SLACKERS and THE AGGROLITES and all the great contemporary originators like THE VALKYRIANS and THE UPSESSIONS, now come up with their own special musical fingerprint to contribute to the ska community.
Three dudes, two voices, one sound. Concentrating on the essentials their tool kit consists of rudie drums, offbeat guitar, vintage organ, deep reggae bass and closely interlocked arrangements to reach the peak. Whether you go for the brilliant voice of CHRISSY REGGAE or prefer the rough approach of master-mind JOHNNY SKA you cannot escape the special charm of these hard groovin kick-ass tunes.



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Veranstalter: con-action

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